How to adopt the FGCoC

You can easily adopt the Code of Conduct by adding it to your rules, online or offline. Here are a couple of ways to make it visible:

First, link the document:

Second, implement it to your rules:

  • If you run events on, link it in your event rules.
  • If you run events on Challonge, you can link it in your tournament or event description.
  • If you host your community on Discord you can specify a Rules channel in your Community Settings when you configure Community Server features.
  • Provide a physical copy of it at your venue wherever you do check-ins, orientations or any other welcoming procedures.
  • Promote its usage by directing your attendees to! This can be via stream chat bots, physical signs, stream banners, or anything else.

Third, help the document improve by submitting your feedback on the dedicated page. Remember that enforcement depends on each administrator and attendee doing their part.